Saturday, May 21, 2016

Moxie (and the events that followed)

Moxie is a restaurant in downtown(ish) Jacksonville. They're known for their cocktails and describe their food as modern Americana. I unfortunately don't have pictures of our food, but The Boyfriend (who is now the fiance but I'm still not used to that....) and I had dinner there together and it was fantastic.

The only picture I actually took...
I made Alex get a cocktail, since he's 21. He doesn't drink really at all and didn't like it that much, but that says more about his alcohol consumption than Moxie's cocktail skills. He's drinking one of their signature drinks, The BLT, which was bourbon, lemonade, and thyme.

We got an appetizer because we like to fully experience new places, and weren't disappointed. The appetizer our waiter recommended was cheddar biscuit tots, and they were funky and delightful. Think deep fried Red Lobster biscuits. You can't go wrong with those.

For dinner, he had a burger (he's a man who knows what he likes) and let me taste it. Moxie uses a blend of beef, pork, and bacon, and that was a nice touch. Alex also topped it with more bacon, which made it even better. I got the recommended signature dish, which was chicken and waffles, but not made normally. The chicken was hot and spicy, and the waffles were little sweet medallions, as expected, but it also came with maple mousse, and that was a really nice addition.

Dessert was a cake inspired by Snickers bars, chocolate with nougat filling and ganache, which came with salted caramel ice cream, which I'm always a sucker for. 

Afterwards, we decided to walk around the shopping center for awhile. There was a nearby fountain, and when we got near there, Alex wanted to stop and talk for a little while. We chatted briefly, then he kissed me, hugged me tight, dropped to one knee, said some of the sweetest things in the world, and asked me to marry him. And of course I cried and said yes.

So maybe my feelings about Moxie are a little skewed by my feelings for the sweet boy I went there with, but either way, I highly recommend it, even if you aren't planning on proposing!

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