Saturday, July 11, 2015

On My Shelf

I've decided that this blog will be a semi-weekly deal, with me sharing a recipe once a week, and a food related, but recipe-free post once a week. Enjoy!

My lovelies
I have heard conflicting things about cookbooks from other food people. Some love them, while others insist that they inhibit kitchen creativity. I think you can guess which camp I'm in. For goodness sake, I'm hoarding copies of Southern Living from like 2008. Sorry not sorry. Today we'll be going on a quick walking tour of my cookbook shelf.

I feel a little silly posting about these three, all from Emeril's line of books for children. However, they were my first three cookbooks and I believe inspired my love for cooking. These are perfect for kids. Easy recipes, but not so dumbed-down that they lose flavor. There's good food here, I promise.

When people know you love the kitchen, you get lots of cookbooks as gifts. Or you steal them from your parents' shelf, which is where I got Top Secret Restaurant Recipes. I haven't made anything from that one, but am intrigued by the idea of creating restaurant food twins at home. The Deceptively Delicious books are great if you're trying to get veggies into your diet without actually eating plain carrots. They teach you to integrate vegetable/fruit purees into normal recipes. Cooking Light has a lot of yummy, easy, healthier stuff. I haven't used Cuisine a Latina yet, but one day.

I. Love. Disney. That's probably enough information, but despite being hella expensive, these books are wonderful. Lots of upscale recipes. So, why not make fancy food endorsed by Mickey Mouse? It's a great idea.

Um, yeah. I sort of have a baking obsession. Demolition Desserts is definitely not a beginner cookbook, but the others are. All of the cake mix books are great if you're short on time but want to make cakes that taste perfectly homemade. Great for a college student!

Last, but in no way least, we have cookbooks from my two favorite food bloggers, Joy the Baker and Jessica from How Sweet It Is. These ladies are honestly so talented. They're like blog goals and life goals, rolled into one. I've made several recipes from all of these, as well as their blogs, and have never been disappointed. Seriously, check them out when you can.

I wish I could say those are all my cookbooks, but their are a few at my parents house somewhere that just didn't make it to college with me. I have a problem. At least I'll admit it, right?

Do you have a favorite cookbook or food blog not talked about here? Please let me know so I can hoard more books and stare at more pretty food.

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