Saturday, July 25, 2015

Study Food

Hello fellow students,

If you're taking summer classes, finals are quickly approaching (I KNOW.), so you're probably going to be pulling some looooooooong hours in the library (why must this be necessary?). So like, what are you going to be eating during that awfulness? That depends. What kind of study session is it going to be? The kind where you know that if you study you'll secure your A in the class and it'll be fine? Or is it the kind where you'll be doing a lot of crying? I've been through both of those, and I can help.

For either type, you need protein and healthy fats to keep you alert and energetic. I'm a big fan of hummus, guac, and chicken salad, but as always, do yo own thang.

The fact that my tea is "trenta" size should tell you what type of study session this was
If it's going to be a long study session, get some caffeine. I like Starbucks, more specifically black tea lemonade. However, it's really important that you don't overload on caffeine because after a certain point, especially when you're sleep deprived, it can be detrimental to memory function. Also, try not to get anything too loaded with sugar because that can make you sluggish after a certain point, and goodness knows we don't want that.

If it's one of the chill study sessions, I like to eat Goldfish. If it's awful, I eat M&M's for a sugar rush/reward/sign that life doesn't totally suck.

I'm in Physics lecture here, studying Biochem. Whoop.

I'm literally ALWAYS a fan of Juicy Juice, so like drink it whenever you want it. It's great because it gives a little mini-sugar rush and there's not the awkward caffeine crash after. I. LOVE. This. Stuff. Nectar of the gods.

Anyway, study hard, chickadees! We'll get through this.

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