Saturday, July 18, 2015

What Should I Eat?

This feature will be discussing restaurants in Gainesville, where I attend school.

Yes, I'm eating a popsicle in my car. It's not that weird.
Hey there, happy popsicle week. Did you know that was a thing? I didn't. But it is, and if you're in Gainesville, celebrate by going over to the Hyppo. They're slowly taking over the town with three locations; downtown, Butler Plaza, and midtown.

The pops are delightful, with fun, fresh, fruity flavors like Watermelon Hibiscus. The one above (my fave) is Key Lime. It's tangy and creamy and just really wonderful.

The shops are super cute too. I didn't take pictures because I wasn't sure if that was okay? Bottom line: get over to the Hyppo. Celebrate popsicle week. Treat yo self (if you get that reference, we'll be friends). The pops are $3-$5, which is sort of expensive for a popsicle, but it's definitely worth it at least once. 

Happy eating!

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