Saturday, October 10, 2015

What Should I Eat? 5

I think the lesson at this point is this: if you get food with me at a local place, you will end up being mentioned on my blog. I went to La Tienda on Wednesday night with my friend Sarah, and here we are discussing that now.

La Tienda is small, and I feel like it's not super well known? That being said, the people that know it, LOVE IT. I have fallen into that camp. 

So, some pro tips: the menu is huge and semi-overwhelming for indecisive people like me. I like their burritos because they're huge, like two meals usually. That being said, I don't eat very much, so it might not be the best estimate for you. I like the carne asada (steak), and they come with beans and rice on them too. Get the chips and salsa. They're delicious, and the salsa tastes great on burritos. Those sauces you see up top? I don't think the green one is all that spicy, but the red certainly is. Both are tasty.

There's also not much parking at this place? So I guess just pray for parking. I recommend going during the week or at least during the day. Weekend nights don't go so well. Have fun.

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