Saturday, October 31, 2015

What Should I Eat? 6

Look at this food. Oh my gosh. Go to the Flying Biscuit and get it all, as soon as possible. It's so freaking good. If you go on a weekend, call ahead, because there's usually about an hour wait. However, the above is a pancake with peach compote, grits, a biscuit, eggs, and bacon. The biscuits here are fantastic. They are huge and the texture is like a pillowy cloud. I like them with just butter, or they have homemade apple butter, which is also incredible. THE GRITS. Oh my goodness. If you're from the South, I'm sure you'll agree that restaurant grits are often lackluster. THESE ARE NOT. They are creamy and buttery and so good. Love.

I cannot recommend this place enough.

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