Saturday, August 8, 2015

What Should I Eat? 2

Food presented by the lovely Ginnie and Fanning
So, I feel like here in Gainesville we get stuck in a repetitive loop of two breakfast/brunch places; Peach Valley and Flying Biscuit. While I love both of those places, they can be expensive, and sometimes you just need a change. I'm here to tell you about a place you probably haven't heard of: Bagels Unlimited.

Bagels Unlimited is on 34th, in the same plaza as the Winn Dixie, meaning it's closer to campus than Flying Biscuit is.

As the name suggests, Bagels Unlimited is home to some beautiful looking bagels. However, they also have typical (and atypical) breakfast food.

My favorite thing I ate was my double chocolate muffin. They have homemade muffins, which are already fantastic, but instead of traditionally toasting them, they butter them up and grill them on the cook top. So good.

They have a HOT SAUCE WALL.
If you're looking for somewhere super classy with traditional "brunch" feel, this is not the place to go. It definitely has a very humble, eclectic feel. It's also very small, so be ready to wait on weekend mornings. Despite all that, the waitresses were very friendly and attentive, and made us feel very welcome.

If you're in the Gainesville area, I cannot recommend this place enough. Go, go, go.

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