Saturday, August 29, 2015

Top 5 Eateries in Gainesville

I know I usually review good restaurants in their own, separate posts, but in honor of all the freshmen rolling into town I thought I'd do a quick post detailing some of the best food in Gville, most of which won't break the bank.

In no particular order, here are five of my loves.

  1. Relish
    Get to know it. Relish has some fantastic burgers; beef, veggie, even salmon! They have a topping bar that puts all others to shame (think sriracha, peanut butter, and pineapple). They also have some wonderfully salty fries which you can dip in curry ketchup (try it). It's also very conveniently located across from the Murphree area (holla atcha gurl. {does anyone actually say that?}) in midtown.
    Average meal cost: $9
  2. Midnight Cookies
    Lin twins as hand models again
    If that picture alone didn't convince you, let's talk about Midnight Cookies for a hot second. These lovely people will DELIVER fresh baked, hot cookies to you IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. Yes, really. It's what you need and deserve in the middle of a long night of studying (or watching movies). They have funky flavors like chicken & waffles or red velvet. So, so good.
    Cost: $1.30 per cookie but they have deals on dozens or half dozens.
  3. Peach Valley
    Two words: Sunday. Brunch. This place is the place to go. Let me just tell you, they have such good food. They have the best chicken & waffles EVER. So good. Wow. They also have lunch food, but honestly, it's the breakfast stuff you want. There's usually a long wait, especially on Sundays though, so be ready for that.
    Average meal cost: $9
  4. Vello's
    This place actually is pretty expensive. However, if you need a place to go to dinner with your parents (to celebrate straight A's, or an A, or straight B's, or ANYTHING), this place is incredible. They have a grill and let me just tell you, the food coming off that grill is spectacular.
    Average meal cost: $30
  5. The Flying Biscuit
    I couldn't resist putting another brunch place on here, sorry. Everything this place makes is homemade and oh so good. Have the grits and a biscuit. And other stuff, but those are must-tries. Their shrimp and grits is flawless too. Eat up.
    Average meal cost: $10

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